Owner Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Eviction Protection Program?

The Eviction Protection Program was established as a service for our Clients in response to a growing need for protection from the unplanned expense of an eviction.  During turbulent economic times when delinquencies rise, a non-payment of rent by a Tenant can cause serious financial hardship on the Landlord.  Due to this, PRS launched this program to pool our Client’s resources and spread the risk over hundreds of accounts under management.

Did you realize that when the expenses of an eviction are totaled including court filing fees, service of court documents, attorney fees, court costs and Constable/Sheriff fees, the cost for an eviction in Arizona can exceed $1,000. 

Evictions can happen to any landlord no matter how well a tenant has been screened prior to occupancy.  Circumstances change in people’s lives making them unable to pay the rent.  This is especially true when people lose a job, go through a divorce or have a serious injury.  Not being able to pay rent, the Tenant also finds it difficult to move.  Evictions can be initiated for other violations of the lease agreement such as not maintaining the property, unauthorized pets or criminal behavior.  When any of this happens, the landlord must go through the costly procedure of evicting the tenant without the benefit of receiving the offset of monthly rent. 

To lessen the financial impact of the eviction, PRS will cover the legal expenses of court filing fees, service of court documents, attorney fees, court fees and Constable/Sheriff fees.  These represent all of the typical legal expenses incurred during the process of eviction. This program does not cover any loss of rent, property damage, lock rekeying, bankruptcy hearings nor legal appeals by Tenant.  PRS’s total liability is limited to a maximum of $1,500 per occurrence. 

The fee for this program is $5.95 per month and applies to any Tenant placed in the property by PRS.  Since its inception in 2010, we've saved our Clients over $100,000 in eviction costs.