Property Management Tips: How to Handle a Difficult Tenant in Phoenix, AZ

Today we are discussing a delicate subject: handling the difficult tenant. In a perfect world, a property owner would rent to a tenant, the rent would never be late, there would be no maintenance problems and the tenant would keep the house clean and undamaged. Unfortunately, managing property takes place in the real world and handling a difficult or upset tenant is one of the less attractive aspects of owning investment property.

As property managers, we serve as the buffer between the owner and the tenant. Handling difficult people and situations takes thought and careful action. At PRS, we know what steps to take when faced with a difficult tenant or a poor situation. Listening to the resident is a big key in handling any problem. From the beginning, it’s important to determine what the unhappy tenant is really saying. By listening to all the issues, we’re able to increase our understanding and reach a resolution.

It’s important to implement a plan of action right away. Long and unnecessary delays will only antagonize the tenant. Whatever the problem is, it’s vital to keep tenants informed either verbally or in writing. If they are unsure or confused about progress or resolutions, they are going to continue being unhappy.

After the problem is resolved, contact the tenant to verify the issue was handled or the repair was completed. This is another key to maintaining a peaceful tenancy and it will enhance the landlord/tenant relationship.

Property Management Tips How to Handle a Difficult Tenant in Phoenix, AZAt PRS, listening, determining the right course of action, communicating, following up and documenting everything is the best way to handle a difficult tenant. Our high standards and commitment to service require us to keep our tenants calm and happy whenever possible.

If you have any questions about handling difficult tenants, or you’d like to hear more about the services we provide, please contact us at PRS Property Management.

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